Our Philosophy is Simple, Effective & Affordable.

MANTOU™ is a portmanteau of the Chinese words "mǎn" (满) which means full of hair"and "tóu" (头) which means head. Put together, MANTOU literally translates to "head full of hair".


Designed and manufactured in Singapore.


MANTOU was formulated for people constantly on-the-go who are actively and consciously building their best self. MANTOU wants to empower men and women to be the best version of themselves.


At MANTOU, we believe that hair loss doesn't have to be permanent and fixing it shouldn't be complicated. Our brand's philosophy was built on three core beliefs - simplicity, effectiveness and affordability.



Our hair loss solution is just two steps. We also offer you a hassle-free subscription service so you don't have to keep coming back to us if you like our product.



We only use essential high-quality ingredients that have been clinically-tested in the lab. Our formula was designed by hair experts to bring you effective hair loss prevention that's made with 100% natural active ingredients & zero side effects. Safe for all hair types. We even made our ingredients list transparent, because we've got nothing to hide. 



We're able to offer competitive pricing because we kept our packaging simple, use only the most essential and effective ingredients, cut the retail and distribution costs and pass cost savings on to you. Gaining back your confidence shouldn't leave a hole in your pocket. 


At a fraction of the price of Minoxidil tonics in the market, MANTOU's™ Regrowth Duo offers a tonic PLUS a shampoo at as low as $34.90. 


At MANTOU™ we believe that hair loss prevention should be simple, effective and affordable.