Real Men, Real Testimonials

"Balding runs in my family (my dad and uncles started losing hair when they were in their mid 20's). I've always been insecure about the bald patch on my head so I like to wear caps when I go out. But ever since my barber recommended MANTOU to me, I can walk out confidently without a cap for the first time in a long while. The results have been drastic and I'm so happy." - Ming

"When I hit my mid-20's I started noticing my hairline receding slightly. Balding runs in my family (my dad and uncles have bald patches) and I wanted something to prevent my hair from balding further. I decided to give MANTOU a shot and within the 4th month of application, I noticed baby hairs growing. It's been 7 months now using MANTOU andI feel more confident than ever." - Jun Thong



"Now after 4 months, I can finally see my bald patch healing! Not only does the tonic work, I really like the cooling sensation it has on my scalp when I apply it - feels very fresh, especially after I shower." - Shawn



"I love the light texture of the shampoo and the minty scent of the tonic - I've actually seen a huge difference in my scalp's health. My hair is also more voluminous than it's ever been and it's only been 3 months." - Neo


"I tried Minoxidil treatments before but didn't see any results. I also suffered from severe side effects like itching and drying skin (which I had to see the doctor for). I gave MANTOU a try after my friend recommended it. I noticed baby hairs grow and my bald patch cover up after applying MANTOU in just 4 months." - James



"For someone who likes to switch up my hair style, having healthy hair is really important to me. My barber recommended MANTOU 2 months back and I'll never use another shampoo or tonic again! My hair has grown longer and my roots feel stronger than ever before.” - Brendon



"I usually find shampoos very harsh on my scalp, leaving it either too dry or very oily. I really like the way that MANTOU makes my hair feel after a wash and it smells great! The shampoo consistency is light and smells fresh." - Sebastian



"I noticed that my hair started falling from stress. A friend recommended me to try the duo and I've been seeing results - thicker, softer hair texture and less hair fall. I'd highly recommend this product to anyone who's seeing early stages of hair fall symptoms - honestly, prevention is the best kind of cure and MANTOU has helped me save my existing hairs and stimulate baby hair growth." - Oliver