"When I hit my mid-20's I started noticing my hairline receding and thinning. Balding runs in my family (my dad and uncles have bald patches) and I wanted something to prevent my hair from balding further. I decided to give MANTOU a shot and within the 8th week of application, I noticed baby hairs growing. I feel more confident than ever." - Jun Thong, 28

"I usually find shampoos very harsh on my scalp, leaving it either too dry or very oily. I really like the way that MANTOU makes my hair feel after a wash and it smells great!" - Sebastian, 31

"I noticed that my hair started falling from stress. A friend recommended me to try the duo and I've been seeing results - thicker, softer hair texture and less hair fall. I'd highly recommend this product to anyone who's seeing early stages of hair fall symptoms - honestly, prevention is the best kind of cure and MANTOU has helped me save my existing hairs and stimulate baby hair growth." - Oliver, 29

"I love the light texture of the shampoo and the minty scent of the tonic - I've actually seen a huge difference in my scalp's health. My hair is also more voluminous than it's ever been and it's only been 6 weeks." - Neo, 32